VitalityInvest Live

Live Stream | 17 July 2019, 10:49 BST

Be the first to hear how we’re taking our ground-breaking proposition to another level with zero fees.

VitalityInvest is unlike any other provider. With our unique model, we’re able to bring savings and wellness together for the first time. Being healthier will now make your clients wealthier by lowering their charges, helping them reach their financial goals faster and live longer in good health.

Tune into our live broadcast on 17 July at 11am to hear about:

  • How we’re improving our product proposition – based on your feedback – and introducing a new special offer.
  • Our Healthy Living Programme that will now let all your clients get even more value out of their investments.
See how this next evolution of VitalityInvest can help plan for the 100-year life and the challenges people face in building a secure financial future.

Together, we can help your clients approach their future with greater reassurance and confidence. I hope you’ll join us to find out how.

Depending on your role, this webinar will count for 30 minutes unstructured CPD.

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